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How to Use Your Air Conditioner Most Efficiently This Summer

A heating/cooling vent register on the wall of a home, with open/close leverWith temperatures already on a warming trend, there’s no denying that summer is right around the corner—less than two months away, in fact. As such, we hope you’ve scheduling your Savannah, GA air conditioning maintenance appointment already.

Maintenance, also known as a tune-up, allows our technicians to fully inspect, clean, and adjust your AC system so it will work as effectively and efficiently as it’s meant to all season long.

While maintenance is certainly important, it’s not the end-all when it comes to retaining or even improving your cooling system efficiency. There are a number of steps you can take this summer to make sure you get the most bang for your buck from your HVAC system, all without sacrificing any comfort at all.

Set the Thermostat Higher

Raising the temperature on your thermostat may seem like counterintuitive advice, but please bear with us. The fact is, you may be turning your thermostat down much lower than you actually need, making your air conditioner work harder to do its job, therefore enabling it to perform inefficiently.

There’s no need to have a thermostat set to 71°F for instance. Most people are actually comfortable at around 78°F throughout the day. You can also save money by raising the temperature when the home is unoccupied, or while you’re sleeping. Cooling a home you’re not using is a waste of energy—although we do recommend running it at a higher temperature when you’re not home versus letting your home heat up all day and then coming home to a household that takes hours to cool down.

Utilize Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans on their own can’t keep you cool. That is, they cannot lower the temperature of the rooms they’re in. However, ceiling fans can help you feel cooler, since they help sweat evaporate from your body (your body’s natural way of keeping cool).

They do this by helping to push cool air from your air conditioner down and better distribute it. By pairing your ceiling fans with your air conditioner, you’ll feel cooler and can run the air conditioner at a higher temperature than you would have otherwise. This lowers your monthly energy usage, and therefore lowers your monthly bills.

Change Your Air Filter

When it comes to air conditioning maintenance, the majority of the work should be left to the professionals. This is for safety, but also to ensure that the job is done right and that maintenance actually makes a difference to the integrity of your cooling system. There’s one small maintenance task, however, that can and should be done by the homeowner.

That task is changing the air filter. There’s a common misconception among homeowners that the air filter is in place to protect indoor air quality. However, the air filter that comes standard with your HVAC systems in there to protect your air conditioner from particles and contaminants that can infiltrate it. A cleaner air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to do its job, and a clean air filter allows for proper airflow for the same affect.

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