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Beware These Mid-Season AC Repair Needs

AC technician working on air conditionerSure, the official end of summer may be just a few short weeks away. But, if you’ve lived in this area for even just a year then you know the warmer temperatures can last well into October. With that in mind, we hope that your air conditioner is in good condition. You had it professionally maintained before the season began, right?

If not, no problem. In the absence of a total system breakdown, it’s really never too late to schedule maintenance. We just advise that you have this service done at least once a year (or twice a year, if you’re using a heat pump). Anyway, regardless of whether or not you had that pivotal tune-up done, you may still run into the need for air conditioning repair in Richmond Hill, GA before the weather cools off, given that your air conditioner has been working increasingly harder and harder over the past few weeks.

So, you may be wondering—what is it that you should watch out for?

Thermostat Issues

The good news about thermostat problems is that they’re generally among the most affordable HVAC problem you can have, and it doesn’t necessarily mean there is actually a problem with your physical air conditioner. For instance, your thermostat might not be registering temperatures in your living space correctly for some reason. If so, it simply can’t live up to the desired temperature you’ve set for it.

We are of course happy to assist, but before you reach out to our team, we encourage you to double check your thermostat. It is possible that the settings got switched accidentally—or purposefully—by someone in your household. If this is not the case, however, then it’s time to check the user manual that came with your thermostat for some other troubleshooting tips. If none of those help, it’s time to give us a call.

Breached Ductwork

Ductwork damage can happen for any number of reasons. For instance, it may be that it was installed by an amateur to begin with, and therefore wasn’t appropriately sized for your HVAC system, has loose joints, or was put in an inappropriate location. Did you know that ductwork in hot attics are more likely to accumulate pinhole leaks, for instance? Unfortunately, air duct attic placement is unavoidable in most homes today, but it’s worth knowing that this is a problem so you know what to look for.

Breached ductwork can cause a loss in cooling power, or uneven cooling throughout your home. This is because the cooled, conditioned air will be leaking into spaces where you don’t need it (like the attic we mentioned above). This is a waste of your precious energy and subsequently, your money!

Refrigerant Leak

You may have seen us refer to this misconception before—that refrigerant is something which depletes, like gasoline from a car. This is simply not the case. Upon installation, your HVAC system is supplied with enough refrigerant that it should last its entire lifespan.

So if you’re system has lost cooling power, you hear hissing or bubbling, or you see liquid pooling anywhere around your AC unit, you might have a refrigerant leak. This is one of those air conditioning problems that should never wait too long for repair, as delaying the solution will only cause the problem to grow bigger.

Allow AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. Inc. to do a quality AC job at a fair price. Contact us today!

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