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Can I Have Two Heaters?

Okay sure, installing two heaters may sound a bit overboard. But actually, the truth of the matter is that having two different heaters can actually make your home more energy efficient. But how?

It’s called dual-fuel hybrid heating, which combines an electric heat pump with a traditional furnace to maximize your home’s energy efficiency during the winter. Installing a dual-fuel heating system in your home can definitely be a worthwhile investment, especially if you are dealing with an especially cold winter. Below, we have outlined what these systems are and what the benefits are. Keep reading to learn more. 

So, What Exactly is a Dual-Fuel Heating System?

As we mentioned above, a dual-fuel heating system is the combination of an electric heat pump and a traditional gas furnace. In places like Georgia, a heat pump is often one of the most efficient and effective methods of heating and cooling a home.

Heat-pumps work year-round, providing heated or cooled air with just the flip of a switch. They do not generate their own heat, but rather move it from one place to another, making them very efficient. But, when temperatures drop too low, they can become a bit inefficient, which is when the furnace kicks on as the next, most-efficient heating method.

Are There Any Benefits?

Why, yes! There are tons of benefits, including:

  • Efficiency: In general, heat pumps are much  more efficient than other heating systems, as they do not generate their own heat. Instead, they rely on refrigerant, much like an air conditioner, to transfer heat from one place to another. During the majority of the year, the heat pump will be used, keeping energy bills at a minimum. But in the event that there is  some seriously bad weather, the furnace will automatically switch on to ensure maximum energy efficiency.
  • Reliability: No longer will you have to worry about what will happen to your heat pump if temperatures ever get too low for it to work efficiently and effectively. Instead, your furnace will automatically turn on, ensuring you are warm and toasty while keeping utility costs low.
  • Versatility: Heat pumps are popular due to their ability to provide year-round comfort with just the switch. The reversing valve reverses the flow of refrigerant to switch from summertime cooling to wintertime heating and vice versa. Additionally, an electric heat pump can be easily integrated with a furnace for better efficiency during the winter.
  • Eco-Friendly: With a dual-fuel system, you’ll end up using less energy to warm up your home during the winter, making these systems quite eco-friendly. These systems utilize less natural resources, significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

Call in a Professional

Be sure to contact a professional HVAC technician if you are interested in installing a dual-fuel heating system in your home. Only a professional has the knowledge, training, and experience to determine if this system is right for you.

Professional installation is a must, as it ensures that your new system is set up for success. Your new system must be properly integrated into your home to make sure that is both efficient and effective. Additionally, you will need heat pump and furnace maintenance in Savannah, GA to keep your system running year-round.

To schedule your heating services, contact the team at AAction Air Conditioning & Heating. 



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