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Ductless Split Heating and Cooling

AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. Inc. - Ductless

There are a number of benefits associated with ductless heating and cooling systems. Also referred to as ductless mini splits, these ductless systems, as their name suggests, do not require ductwork in order to provide your entire house with heating and cooling service. This is because, rather than disperse air through a system of ducts and registers, ductless mini split systems feature wall mounted air handling units that handle the dispersal of conditioned air directly. If you’re interested in learning more about ductless mini splits, contact AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. Inc. for information about these heating and cooling systems and the installation process.

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How Ductless Mini Splits Work

Ductless heating and cooling systems, like other whole–house systems, feature and outdoor compressor unit that keeps the noisiest parts of the system out of your home. Rather than use a ductwork system, which can be costly to install and prone to energy loss, the compressor unit is connected directly to wall mounted air handler units throughout your home. All that connects the indoor and outdoor units of the system is a conduit containing power, refrigerant and sometimes drainage lines. Because of this all that is required during installation to connect the components is for a small, three inch hole to be drilled in the wall of your house. No bulky ductwork needs to be installed or maintained, so if your home cannot accommodate such a system, ductless mini splits may be a good choice for your home comfort system.

Quality Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems from Trusted Manufacturers

Our goal at AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. Inc. is to provide our clients with the best service we possibly can. In order to do that we have to use products that share our devotion to excellence. That’s why we proudly offer ductless mini split systems from manufacturers such as Bryant. Our high quality services deserve to be matched with equally high quality products, giving you the best of both worlds. If you’re interested in a ductless heating and cooling system installation, call AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. Inc. today. We’ll help you choose the best system to suit your needs and you can be sure that the products we offer live up to our strict standards of quality.

Boost Efficiency with Bryant Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

A quality ductless heating and cooling system from Bryant, along with the expert installation, maintenance and repair services that we are known for, can help you increase energy efficiency in your home. Thanks to the wall mounted air handlers in your home, zone control is easy to take advantage of. Simply use multiple thermostats connected to each air handler to control the temperature in separate areas of your house individually. This allows you to heat and cool separate rooms and zones only when you want to and only to the degree that you wish to. Don’t pay to heat unoccupied space all day. Ask AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. Inc. how you can use zone controlling with your ductless split heating and cooling system to increase energy efficiency in your home.