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Marine Air Conditioning and Heating Service by AAction Air in Savannah

Marine Air

Savannah and the islands of Hilton Head, Skidaway, Whitemarsh, Wilmington and Tybee are great places to own a boat. At AAction Air we think you should be just as comfortable and at home on the sea as you are on land. Whether you’re out for a quick jaunt on the river or taking a longer trip along the Atlantic Coast, the marine air conditioning and heating experts at AAction Air can help ensure that you’re comfortable throughout your nautical adventure. Call us today to learn more about how AAction Air can help you maintain comfort aboard your boat, no matter where the trip takes you.

Marine Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

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Due to the nature of the environment at sea, marine HVAC systems are built to handle extreme temperatures and heat, as well as harsh factors such as exposure to salt water and high humidity levels.

  • Self–contained air conditioning units are generally the best choice for smaller boats up to 40 feet. The units are less expensive than other models and installation is cheaper as well. The major components are packaged together and installed in the living area of the boat. Multiple cabins can be heated and cooled by the same unit through ducting installation.
  • Chilled Water air conditioning is used on large boats and yachts. This type of system uses a chiller to cool or heat fresh water, which is then circulated through a loop system to the air handling units, where it is heated and cooled as needed.

These are just a few of the systems available. If you have any questions or concerns about the heating and cooling options available for your boat, contact AAction Air. Our marine HVAC experts will help you decide which system is right for you.

Marine Heating and Cooling System Maintenance and Repair by AAction Air

Being out on the open water is a lousy time to discover that your marine heating and cooling system is not operating properly. Before you leave the dock, make sure that your marine HVAC system is ready to perform. Regular maintenance is without a doubt the best way to keep your air conditioner working the way it is meant to. Don’t take any chances with your comfort. If you have not had your marine HVAC system professionally maintained in the past year call AAction Air today. A marine system is subject to a lot of harsh conditions that your home heating and cooling systems never encounter. They are manufactured and designed to be tough, but professional maintenance service is the only way to be sure that they are up the performance you’ll be demanding of them. Let AAction Air inspect and maintain your boat’s comfort system before you leave Savannah.

Marine heating and cooling systems, like any other machinery, are eventually going to require repair service of some sort. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep this need infrequent, but when a problem requiring professional repair is identified it is important that only a qualified professional handles the job. For those of you in Savannah, Hilton Head Island and the surrounding areas, that means calling the technicians at AAction Air. We can get your marine heating and cooling system repaired quickly and reliably, so you can get back on the water comfortably in no time. Call AAction Air today for more information.