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Savannah Indoor Air Quality Installation and Repair Service

AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. Inc. - Savannah Indoor Air Quality Installation and Repair Service

If your only concern about the air in your home is comfortable temperatures, you’re missing part of the equation. A high quality heating and cooling system is an important component in keeping your home comfortable year round. But at AAction Air we believe that the quality of the air in your Savannah home is just as important as the temperature. That’s why we offer a number of indoor air quality products from Bryant for installation in your home by one of our indoor air quality specialists. Call AAction Air today with any questions or concerns you have about improving the indoor air quality in your home.

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Bryant Air Filter and Purifier Installation, Maintenance and Repair

With the Bryant Perfect Air™ Purifier you can achieve and maintain the extremely high indoor air quality throughout your entire home. The air is not just filtered but actually purified as often as 8 times an hour. With MERV 15 efficiency, no required cleaning and a 10 year parts limited warranty you can rest assured that the Perfect Air™ system will provide your home with efficient, effective air purifying performance for years to come.

Bryant Humidifiers

Improper humidity levels in your home can affect not only your comfort but your home itself. If you have excessively dry air in your home, call AAction Air for help. We install high quality, top–of–the–line whole–house humidifiers manufactured by the indoor air quality experts at Bryant. The Bryant Preferred Series Fan Humidifier features a self–powered fan, easy access door for maintenance and repair, quiet operation, small or large capacity models, multiple control options and a 5 year limited warranty on parts. Call us to learn more about this versatile whole–house humidifier.

Bryant UV Germicidal Lights

Air filtration can help remove pollutants from the air in your home, but ultra–violet germicidal lights use UV technology to actually destroy airborne biological pollutants. These devices kill bacteria and mold spores that may grow in moist heating and cooling systems to remove them from circulation in your home. Their silent operation allows them to improve indoor air quality and enhance air flow while remaining unnoticeable in their operation. If you have any questions about the way that UV germicidal lights operate or how they can help your comfort system operate more efficiently, call today.

Energy Recovery Ventilator Installation Maintenance and Repair Service

The Bryant Preferred Series Energy Recovery Ventilator allows you to bring filtered indoor air into your home without adversely affecting your heating and cooling system efficiency. It can recover up to 84% of energy that could otherwise be lost, reduces humidity, and requires simple, "no tools" maintenance. This energy recovery ventilator is a great way to allow fresh, filtered air into your home without sacrificing energy efficiency. Call AAction Air today to learn more.