The Heat Pump: An Efficient Choice for AC in Warmer Climates

June 29th, 2015 by John Ortman

Heat pumps are highly recommended for homeowners across the country looking to install a new air conditioning system. But they are particularly useful for those in the warmer areas of the U.S. Heat pumps can help you save money year round, not just in the summer, but they work best in warmer climates. That’s because heat pumps use the energy in the air around them to operate. Let’s take a closer look. Continue Reading

The MERV Rating: An Important Factor in Air Filtration

June 22nd, 2015 by John Ortman

One thing that any air conditioning technician will tell you often is how important it is to change your air filter each month. The air filter in your HVAC system helps to keep your air healthier, blocking contaminants from entering the HVAC system and preventing you and your family members from inhaling dust, pollen, mold spores, and many other contaminants. Continue Reading

3 Reasons You Should Schedule Blower Door Testing Today

June 15th, 2015 by John Ortman

As the weather continues to get hotter, opening your energy bills can become frightening. You do everything you can to save energy, taking advantage of your programmable thermostat to run the air conditioner at an efficient temperature only while you are home. However, your bills still seem to go up each year. Continue Reading

Don’t Put Off AC Repair Any Longer

June 15th, 2015 by John Ortman

When your air conditioner breaks down completely, you know to call a technician to your home ASAP. But if you can help it, we always recommend scheduling air conditioning repair long before this happens. Repairing a seemingly minor issue today can help to prevent problems from occurring in the future, and it can really help to simplify the process for you and your technician. Take a look at why this is. Continue Reading

3 Ways You May Be Wasting Money on Air Conditioning

June 8th, 2015 by John Ortman

One of the biggest contributors to your monthly energy bills is your air conditioner, but it’s also one of the most important fixtures in your home. In our area, it would be tough to get by without a quality air conditioner, so we know how important it is to your home comfort. Turning off the AC completely is simply not an option if you want to stay comfortable, but it often seems like the only way to save when your bills climb. We have put together this guide to show you some of the ways you may inadvertently waste money on your AC, so you can find other ways to save. Continue Reading

The Benefits of a Packaged Air Conditioning System

June 1st, 2015 by John Ortman

The traditional split system air conditioner is perhaps the most popular type of AC installed in homes, but it is by no means the only type. The outdoor components of a conventional air conditioner help the refrigerant to gain pressure and dissipate heat, while the indoor components absorb heat from the indoor air and return cool air back to the home. But in a packaged air conditioner, all of these components are located in the same place—a single outdoor packaged unit, often placed on the rooftop. Continue Reading

Zone Control and Your Air Conditioning System

May 25th, 2015 by John Ortman

Have you ever had an argument with the members of your family over the temperature in the home? This is a conversation that happens time and time again: one family member wants the house cooler while another would prefer to turn up the temperature a few degrees. But a zone control system allows you complete control over the temperature in each room or zone with multiple thermostats in different rooms. Here’s how you can get it in your home. Continue Reading

Could Your Home Benefit from an Energy Audit?

May 18th, 2015 by John Ortman

You do everything you can to save energy around the home. You turn of lights when you leave a room, keep the AC at an efficient temperature, make sure that any electronics are shut off before you go on vacation, and you may have even switched to energy efficient lighting and LED bulbs. But did you know that your home may have areas that contribute to major energy losses, especially when it comes to your heating and cooling? Nearly any home can benefit from an energy audit, which helps you find more ways to save. Continue Reading

Why Is There Frost on the Coil of My AC System?

May 11th, 2015 by John Ortman

An air conditioning system may run into a lot of problems that keep it from cooling down, but there’s one thing you may not expect to reduce cooling power: ice. After all, air conditioners use refrigeration to cool down the home, so wouldn’t ice be of benefit? But your air conditioning should never freeze up, as this inhibits its ability to absorb heat. Let’s go over the heating process a bit to see why ice is a problem, and look at how to solve it. Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Replace Your Air Conditioner

May 4th, 2015 by John Ortman

Summers in Georgia mean stifling heat and humidity, and the best way to combat it is with a reliably functioning air conditioner. If you’re experiencing problems with your existing unit, now may be the perfect time to have it replaced, when the weather is still mild and you can schedule an installation without having to sweat out a Savannah, GA heat wave. But how do you know if your old air conditioner is ready to go? Properly maintained, a good AC unit can last years past its expiration date, and homeowners are reluctant to invest in a new system if their old one isn’t quite finished yet. Here are 3 reasons to replace your air conditioner that can help you make that decision when the time comes. Continue Reading