Why Consider Going Ductless for New Air Condtioning Installation

April 17th, 2014

It’s a basic understanding we’ve had about air conditioning—and heating—for years: central air requires a network of ducts. Whether made from sheet metal, flexible plastic, or ductboard, these channels are necessary to bring the conditioned air from the air conditioning or heat pump to the rooms of a house.

But ductless systems have existed for a few decades, and now they are an easily available option for homeowners. If you are moving into a new house, adding on a room to your current home, or simply looking for something innovative to replace your aging AC, you should consider a ductless mini split heat pump for your new air conditioning installation in Savannah, GA.

For detailed information about how a ductless AC can work with your house, call our cooling specialists at AAction Air.

What ductless air conditioning can do for you

The first advantage you should know about leaving ducts behind is that ductless mini split systems are heat pumps. So you are not only investing in air conditioning, you are also investing in heating. Heat pumps work ideally for Savannah’s climate in the winter, and for summer they are as powerful as any standalone air conditioner of the same size.

The lack of ducts means you no longer need to worry about the repair and air quality issues of standard ventilation systems. Ductless systems use individual blower units mounted in rooms, each connected to the outdoor cabinet, and send air straight into the home without ducts. This makes for cleaner air (no dust or dirt from a ventilation system) and reduces the leak sealing and cleaning often required for ductwork.

The individual air handlers in different rooms give you zone control over your cooling and heating, so you no longer need to condition the whole house, only the area you are using. This will result in savings on your energy bill, as well as more comfortable distribution of heating and cooling.

If you plan to have a ductless mini split heat pump installed as part of new construction, the absence of ducts gives you more space and freedom of design. They make excellent comfort systems for add-on rooms, saving you the trouble of connecting the room to your existing ducts or facing poor redistribution of air because your older system now has to heat and cool a larger space.

Find out if ductless is your best choice

The advantages of a ductless mini split heat pump will not match with every home, so make sure that you consult with advanced installers about the choice before you make it. Whatever decision you make, leave the installation to professionals so you receive the full benefits of your new system. For this level of quality air conditioning installation in Savannah, GA, contact AAction Air.

Common Causes of Refrigerant Leaks

April 10th, 2014

A trouble that can sometimes afflict air conditioning systems is leaking of refrigerant, the chemical blend necessary for an AC to carry out heat exchange. Refrigerant is a non-toxic and non-flammable chemical mixture, so leaks pose little health threat to your household. But they do pose a major threat to the operation of your air conditioning, leading to it losing its ability to provide you with cooling and severely damaging its compressor.

When you have a refrigerant leak in your AC, it requires repairs on the double. For air conditioning repair in Savannah, GA that will solve this and any other cooling problems you may have, call AAction Air. We have 24-hour emergency service for your convenience.

How do these leaks happen?

Refrigerant does not dissipate during normal operation, even as it shifts between liquid and gaseous state, since your AC has a closed loop system. It requires a leak somewhere along the refrigerant line to lower its level (its “charge”).

One of the common causes of leaking refrigerant is deteriorating in an aging AC. Years of use can cause cracking along the copper lines that cycle the refrigerant through the unit. Excess cabinet vibration has also been known to cause cracking. The connections and valves along the copper lines are the most susceptible to cracks. If your air conditioner has been in operation for more than 15 years, a leak indicates you should consider replacing the system.

Larger debris might infiltrate the ventilation system and into the AC cabinet to cause damage that will lead to leaking, especially along the compressor. A damaged compressor will usually begin to leak refrigerant. You can help prevent debris damage by regularly changing your air filter that protects the cabinet’s interior.

What can I do about leaking refrigerant?

As soon as you detect a malfunction in your AC, such as a loss in cooling power or ice developing along the coils, contact a repair professional. He or she will locate where refrigerant leaks are occurring, seal them, and then recharge the lost refrigerant with the correct blend. The technician will make sure the charge level is perfect, since too much refrigerant is as damaging a problem as too little.

The NATE-certified technicians at AAction Air aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction on every job. Let us take care of your air conditioning repair in Savannah, GA this spring and summer.

How SEER Is Measured for AC Systems

April 3rd, 2014

Any complex piece of machinery will have a long list of technical specifications attached to it. Unless you are in the HVAC field, most of the specifications on an air conditioning system will mean little to you, and for in general you do not need to know what they mean; your repair technician will take care of everything when you need repairs for your AC.

There is, however, one specification with which you should familiarize yourself: SEER, the seasonal energy efficiency rating. This number explains how well an air conditioner uses its power source (electricity) to cool down a house. Understanding SEER will help you understand how much the operation of an air conditioner will affect your utility bills.

No matter the SEER number on your AC, make certain it has prompt repairs and regular maintenance. If you plan to have new air conditioning in Savannah, GA, you should also make certain that skilled professionals handle the job. Look to AAction Air for the quality 24-hour service you need for smooth AC operation.

SEER Measurement

SEER differs from another measurement, EER (energy efficiency rating) in that it measures average cooling power during an entire season of operation instead of during a single test. It’s therefore a good was to see how your summer will go with your AC.

SEER is measured as a ratio of the amount of cooling produced in British Thermal Units (the amount of energy required to change the temperature of a gallon of water one degree either direction) to the amount of energy the system consumes in watt-hours. The higher the resulting number, the more efficient the system is at converting electricity into cooling power.

Typical SEER in current ACs range from 10 to 20. For an air conditioner to receive the U.S. Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR rating for efficiency, it must have a minimum SEER of 14.5. Many high-efficiency air conditioners can score in the upper teens to the lower twenties.

SEER Isn’t Everything

When it comes to selecting an air conditioner for new installation, keep in mind that SEER should not be your only criterion. Just because a unit makes maximum use of power doesn’t mean it will deliver the best cooling for your house. Always consult with a home comfort specialist in the early stages of installation to make sure you have the right air conditioning system for your Savannah, GA home.

Trust to the NATE-certified technicians at AAction Air when you need air conditioning assistance, whether it’s installation, repairs, or regular maintenance.

3 Types of Bryant Air Conditioning Systems

March 27th, 2014

Summer is approaching fast, and will arrive almost before we know it. Do you have an air conditioning system prepared for another hot summer? If you need to have a replacement model put in, the spring is the best time to do it, so call up a local heating and cooling company and ask about your options for air conditioning in Hilton Head, SC today.

At AAction Air, we offer top-of-the line ACs from Bryant, a trusted name in home comfort for over a hundred years. There are three major model series of air conditioners that Bryant offers for residential customers: The Evolution series, The Preferred series, and the Legacy Series. We’ll examine the basics of each one to help you understand your choices when it comes to finding excellent cooling comfort this summer.

The Evolution® System Central Air Conditioner

This is the top-tier air conditioner that Bryant makes available for homes. It offers up to 20 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating), which means large energy savings on each utility bill. The Evolution System uses two-stage scroll compressors unlike other air conditioners’ piston compressors, and this helps increase its efficiency. The advanced humidity controls are ideal for muggy summers. All of the Evolution System models qualify for the U.S. Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR label.

The Preferred™ Series Central Air Conditioner

All preferred models also qualify for the ENERGY STAR label with their superb performance of up to 18 SEER. The Preferred series comes equipped with the AeroQuiet System II, which reduces their noise level down to that of a dishwasher. They are also protected from outdoor weather conditions with the DuraGuard system and the DuraFlow protection for the outdoor coil.

Legacy™ Line Central Air Conditioners

A fantastic option for a tighter budget, the Legacy models have up to 16 SEER, and most will meet the requirements for the ENERGY STAR label. They also have DuraGuard protection and lowered noise levels. As with all of Bryant’s AC units, the Legacy Line comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

To find the model and size of Bryant air conditioner that will fit your home, you’ll need expert installers familiar with Bryant products. It’s important that professionals find out not only how efficient an AC you need, but how large a unit will work with your house. Installing an AC that’s too large is as wasteful as installing one that is too small.

Call AAction Air today and talk to our specialists about the different Bryant lines to see which one will best keep you cool during the coming summer. For superior air conditioning in Hilton Head, SC, trust to the company that your neighbor recommends: AAction Air.

3 Reasons to Schedule AC Maintenance

March 19th, 2014

Here in Savannah, GA, air conditioning season starts early. Almost as soon as we’ve turned our heaters off, it’s time to fire up the air conditioners as our sultry Georgia summers seem to start earlier and earlier every year. But before the heat begins in earnest, you may want to schedule a maintenance session for your air conditioning system with a trained professional. He or she will come to your house, clean the interior components, recharge the refrigerant, tighten loose bolts and fittings, and look for any larger problems in need of repair. It makes a lot of sense to do so, especially now before the summer begin in earnest.

Here are 3 reasons to schedule AC maintenance today:

  • It improves efficiency. Dirt and dust increase friction on moving parts, while lower refrigerant levels force your air conditioner to work harder to provide the same levels of cooling power. Similarly, loose bolts may cause components to rattle in their housings, which further reduces efficiency and increases wear and tear. By addressing those small concerns, a maintenance visit helps your AC system run more efficiently, which will cut down on monthly energy expenses.
  • It defers repairs. Reducing friction and helping the AC unit run more smoothly will help lower the risk of a repair call later on in the summer when temperatures are high. Indeed, by spotting large problems while they’re still small, a maintenance session will help you address the issue while it’s still relatively inexpensive to do so, rather than waiting for a failure.
  • It increases longevity. With cleaner components comes less wear and tear, which will help those components last longer.  Your AC unit will thus continue to perform for longer periods of time, adding months or even years to its life depending on circumstances.

To schedule AC maintenance, talk to the professionals at AAction Air. We’re based in Savannah, GA, air conditioning services are a staple of our business, and we’re dedicated to saving you money every step of the way. Call us today and let us show you what we can do for you!

What Kind of Repairs Should I Expect for a Geothermal System?

March 10th, 2014

One of the major advantages of having installation of a geothermal heat pump in your home is the incredible longevity of these systems. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the indoor elements of a geothermal system can last 20+ years, while the in-ground coils (the most expensive part of installation) can last 50+ years. That’s an enormous amount of time for you to get the full benefits of the energy-efficient performance of geothermal power.

However, durability doesn’t mean invincibility, so you can expect occasional repair needs for your ground source heat pump. Here are some repairs you might encounter from your system. Call on experts in geothermal repair in Pooler, GA when you need assistance: look to AAction Air, where our technicians are on-call 24-hours a day.

Some geothermal repair needs you might have

  • Leaks in the pipes: The underground pipes that run through your property, carrying the crucial water and antifreeze mixture needed for heat exchange, rarely develop leaks (unless they were poorly installed). But accidents from extreme weather conditions, construction, or age can still lead to leaking, and this will cause your indoor heat pump to lose efficiency. A technician can put a dye into your system and then trace where it emerges on the surface to find leaks. This allows the least amount of excavating necessary for repairs.
  • Broken reversing valve: If your ground source heat pump seems to only provide heat when need cooling, or vice versa, the problem could be refrigerant leaking… but it could also be a failed reversing valve, which means the refrigerant going through the heat pump will only go one direction and therefore you cannot switch between modes. Thankfully, this repair requires no digging: the technician needs only open up your indoor unit and replace the broken reversing valve.
  • Replacing the indoor heat pump: We mentioned above that the indoor unit has a lower life-expectancy than the in-ground elements. Normally, “replacing the heat pump” for an air-source heat pump wouldn’t count as a repair, it would be a full new heat pump installation. With geothermal, however, the underground coils will remain in place, and the unit that contains the air handler, compressor, and reversing valve is replaced if it has worn down too much. You can expect this repair to happen eventually—but with proper annual maintenance it should be many years off.

Make sure you take excellent care of your geothermal heat pump so that the repairs you do need will be few and far between. When it is time for geothermal repair in Pooler, GA, contact our experts at AAction Air.

How a Malfunctioning Thermostat Can Impair Your Heating

March 3rd, 2014

Your heating system is a vital part of your Hilton Head, GA home. Despite our mild Southern winters, we get our share of cold nights, and without a proper heater, you’re apt to feel the chill far more often than you should. Heaters encounter problems from time to time of course, and when they do, you need a reliable service to handle them. But not all those problems stem from the heater itself. The thermostat, which controls when the heater turns on and off, can wreak havoc with your household comfort levels when it breaks down. Here’s how a malfunctioning thermostat can impair your heating.

The thermostat can’t do its job unless the timer works properly and it can accurately read the temperature in the house. Furthermore, it needs to be able to trigger the heater at the right time and turn it off when temperatures reach their stated levels. If one of the internal components develops a fault, it can’t do that. Suddenly, your ability to regulate the temperature is gone. Either the heater won’t turn on when it should, or it will run much longer than it should. Either way, it prevents your home from getting the heat it needs, resulting in temperatures that are either to hot or too cold.

The same thing can happen if there’s nothing actually wrong with your thermostat. If it’s placed in the wrong location in your home – near a draft, say, or too close to an outside door or window – then the temperature it reads will not accurately reflect the temperature in your home. The result is very much the same, with the heater turning on when it isn’t supposed to, not turning on when you need it to, turning off too soon or not turning off until your home is baking like a sauna.

Though a malfunctioning thermostat can impair your heater, a good repair service can restore it to normal. For problems with heating in Hilton Head, GA, call on the experts at AAction Air to help. We’re skilled in repairing and replacing faulty thermostats, and we can perform the operation with professionalism and care. Call us today to set up an appointment!

Ice on My Heat Pump: Why Can’t I Just Scrape It Off?

February 24th, 2014

Heat pumps work according to the same principle as air conditioning units, with a closed system circulating refrigerant that moves between a gaseous and a liquid state. As it does so, it alternately warms and cools the surrounding air, which can then be blown into your house via a fan. When refrigerant levels run low, ice can develop on the system’s coils, which interfere with the cooling process and prevent the heat pump from functioning as it should. If you own a heat pump in Savannah, GA, AAction Air  has experts to help with repairs. But the question remains: “ice on my heat pump: why can’t I just scrape it off?”

Mostly, it’s because the ice is just a symptom, not the cause of the problem. Heat pumps require a set amount of refrigerant to work, based on the specifics of their make and model. It’s the loss of that refrigerant – likely through a breach or a leak in the system somewhere – that causes the ice, and until that source is dealt with, scraping it off makes no sense. The ice will only reform after a short time and the underlying problem hasn’t changed. Your heat pump still isn’t working as it should and the lost productivity is still costing you money in monthly energy bills. Only locating and sealing the source of the leak, followed by recharging refrigerant levels to their proper amounts, will get rid of the underlying problem.

Furthermore, in attempting to scrape the ice off, you might damage the evaporator coils, necessitating their replacement. They’re an expensive and difficult component to replace, and your well-meaning efforts could turn a simple repair call into something much more problematic.

If you find ice on your heat pump, call upon the trained professionals at AAction Air to help. We know how to handle any problems related to your heat pump in Savannah GA. Call us today to make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

Savannah GA

Signs You Need Heating Repair for Your Dual Fuel Hybrid System

February 17th, 2014

Heat pumps are popular picks for home heating because their energy-efficient performance means they cost less to run than systems such as electric furnaces and propane or oil-burning heaters. The one drawback for heat pumps is that they can lose heating power during extreme low temperatures—but the dual fuel hybrid systems that provide backup heaters (usually gas-powered furnaces) will solve this problem with only a small increase in operating costs.

Hybrid systems come with specific repair needs that require licensed technicians to perform. The signs below will warn you when you need to call for heating repair in Hilton Head, SC for your hybrid system. AAction Air is ready 24 hours a day to restore your heating when it’s in jeopardy.

3 Signs  You Need Repairs

  1. The backup does not come on: If your house feels colder than it should, and you notice that the backup furnace has not activated, there are a number of possibilities. Check first to see that the backup has sufficient fuel (if it uses stored heating fuel). If the backup has enough power, then the issue could be a malfunction in the backup or in the connection between the two systems. A professional can diagnose the problem and find out the cause.
  2. The backup comes on, but you receive insufficient heat: If the two units appear to both be operating, but the house still doesn’t feel warm enough, than one of the two units is probably malfunctioning. Because they are such different systems from each other, determining where the problem originates requires HVAC expertise.
  3. The system is making strange noises: Odd noises coming from any heating system is a reason for concern, but in the case of a hybrid, you should pay particular attention to the backup heater because it does not run as much as the heat pump and you will likely not be as familiar with the sounds that come from it. Anything that seems too loud, such as groaning, whining, and squealing, is a reason to call for repairs.

If you have a dual fuel hybrid system installed in your home, you don’t want to lose its advantages to a malfunction that prevents the backup heater from working. At the first sign of trouble, call for trained heating repair in Hilton Head, SC. AAction Air has NATE-certified technicians with experience installing, repairing, and maintaining hybrid systems, so call them when you need help.

Who Wrote the First Valentine’s Day Poem?

February 14th, 2014

The celebration of Valentine’s Day is often seen as a modern institution, even if the roots of the holiday go back to Late Antiquity and the figures of St. Valentine of Rome and St. Valentine of Terni. It’s difficult to separate our view of February 14th from the more recent phenomenon of greeting cards, comical cupids, and specialty treats from candy companies.

However, not only are some of these traditions older than we might think (mass-produced Valentine’s Day cards were an enormous success in early 19th-century England), but the earliest Valentine’s Day love poem comes from none other than the first great English author, Geoffrey Chaucer, who wrote in the second half of the 14th-century.

Chaucer’s most famous work is The Canterbury Tales, an enormous collection of linked stories in poetry and prose. But his 700-line poem “Parlement of Foules” has the special distinction of being the first surviving record of a connection between Valentine’s Day and romantic love. Chaucer probably composed the poem in 1381–82. At the time, he was a member of the court of King Richard II, holding an important bureaucratic position in London. The date suggests that Chaucer wrote “Parelment of Foules” to honor the first anniversary of the engagement of the English king to Princess Anne of Bohemia.

The poem follows the dream of the narrator, where he walks through Venus’s temple and discovers a meeting of birds where they all choose their mates. This is where the mention of St. Valentine’s Day appears (English modernized):

For this was on St. Valentine’s Day,

When every bird cometh there to choose his mate.

The poem also contains a familiar Valentine’s image, Cupid with his arrows:

Under a tree, beside a well, I saw

Cupid our lord his arrows forge and file;

And at his feet his bow already lay.

When Chaucer mentions St. Valentine’s Day, is he referring specifically to February 14th? Late winter isn’t a time when birds in England would mate. However, the date for the start of spring—when some birds would have started nesting in England—was on February 23rd in the calendars of the time, certainly close enough for Chaucer to take poetic license and nudge it a bit to match with Valentine’s Day.

Love birds remain a popular symbol of Valentine’s Day even now, and for this we can thank Chaucer. In fact, he may very well have invented the link between love and Valentine’s Day, although we will probably never know for certain.

Whoever started these traditions, all of us here at AAction Air hope you have a pleasant February 14th.